We have a purpose

In 1986, our founder Jose Luis Postigo López embarked on his journey with the mission of incorporating design and technology into informational signage. Much has changed since that store opened, where all kinds of posters and signs were sold, but what has never changed is our commitment.

As a family-owned company, we have always placed people at the center of everything we do, and in recent years, we have expanded our commitment as an organization to achieve a greater positive impact on society and the planet.

We are a B Corp company, part of a community of businesses with the world's most advanced social and environmental standards. We want to be part of a significant change, and above all, we want to support brands in becoming part of it too.

We have a purpose: to bring our clients' brands to life in the most sustainable and efficient way, through teamwork, trust, and continuous improvement.

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As part of the BCorp movement, we are committed to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We aim to be part of the solution, not the problem. Taking action for change, caring about improving the environment around us, and striving to generate a positive impact on society. Because conducting business responsibly is not only possible but a priority.

Are we 100% sustainable? No, but every day we're getting closer. We are committed, transparent, and we fight every day to drive a more responsible sector. We see sustainability as the way forward and we advocate for continuous transformation and sustainable growth.

We know that creating responsible corporate elements and building a more ethical brand isn't easy, but we embrace the challenge of achieving it.

Let's change
the world
by example!

Let's change the world by example!

How do we do it?

We study the impact of our activity and decisions on workers, society, and the environment, analyzing the traceability of our projects to achieve continuous improvement in our way of doing things.

We introduce sustainability as a fundamental value in every project we carry out, always doing our bit in this line, according to the values of each brand.

We raise awareness and educate our clients about the importance of creating sustainable image implementations, advocating first for the possible reuse of their current products or the replacement with respectful materials, as well as the integration of new technologies that optimize and reduce material consumption.

In addition to the products themselves, we advocate for a logistics and transport structure that has a lower environmental impact.

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A real commitment

We understand sustainability as a balance based on three pillars:

  1.  The well-being of all the people involved in our daily activity.
  2.  A design culture that prioritizes the quality and durability of our solutions.
  3.  The responsibility to contribute to and revitalize our local and national economy.

And therefore, we commit to the following actions :

Bienestar de las

Soluciones de
calidad y durabilidad 

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Apoya a la economía
local y nacional

Well-being of our teams

We take care of people and create a positive atmosphere, creating team dynamics and internal projects and promoting a healthy life.

We organize team sports activities where we not only promote health, but also improve interpersonal relationships between the team. In addition, we work on sustainability from the inside out of the company, with multidisciplinary internal training, work-life balance, work flexibility, promotion of leisure and cultural activities, team development and teambuilding areas, etc.

Sustainable brand implementations

We are continuously looking for sustainable solutions that best fit the needs of the projects and the brands we work with. 

We advise and accompany clients in the implementation of a sustainable image to ensure that their brand connects with people in a responsible way. 

In each project we seek and defend the most sustainable solutions to implement in spaces, in order to fulfill our purpose and the purpose of our clients.

Innovation in sustainability with our suppliers

We create transparent relationships with our suppliers, where trust and the desire to seek new innovative and sustainable solutions to create resilient infrastructures and inclusive industrialization prevail.

For example, through the integration of digital work systems, digital transformation or new manufacturing techniques.


We practice ecodesign in all our proposals, with the aim of creating functional, aesthetic, and durable elements that best fit the brand and the needs of the clients. 

With ecodesign, we not only achieve elements that fit the brands by reducing the materials used for them, but we also seek for those materials to be eco-friendly, meaning they are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or allow existing materials to be given a second life.

Minimization of consumption and emissions

We promote the optimization and efficient use of materials in manufacturing processes, advocate for the use of low-impact energy sources such as LED lighting and we try to avoid the use of plastic materials in our designs and elements as much as possible.

Moreover, we consume 100% renewable energy, significantly reduced our CO2 emissions, and are continuously searching for sustainable materials to use in our projects.

Generation of employment and local and national wealth

We promote economic growth by supporting local and national products and services, creating synergies with SMEs, and adhering to a code of responsible values and behaviors.

These are some of our current commitments, but we work every day to go one step further. We've always wanted to improve ourselves and now even more.
Siempre hemos querido superarnos y ahora mucho más.

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